ICRC Law & Policy Newsletter: Guidelines on Investigating Violations of IHL - UNGA High-Level Week round up...
Also included: Blog - Trust me, I'm a humanitarian - Video: ICRC and Kurzgesagt - Resource: the ICRC IHL toolkit and more...
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What if we nuke a city?

Video: What happens if we nuke a city?

What happens if a nuclear bomb were to be dropped on a city today? In a collaboration with Youtube chanel 'Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell', the ICRC's new explainer video looks at the consequences of a nuclear explosion in a modern city. Discover the harrowing effects of this scenario.

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Trust me - I'm a Humanitarian

Blog: Trust me - I'm a Humanitarian

The question of trust has become a major issue in humanitarian action. In this blog post, ICRC's Head of Policy, Hugo Slim, explores the role of trust in humanitarian action. He looks at what it means, why it is so important and - crucially - how humanitarians can win and preserve trust.

The New ICRC IHL toolkit

New Resource: The ICRC IHL Toolkit

This new two-page document encompasses all current ICRC IHL resources and learning materials, enabling readers easy access in one place. Discover introductory materials and factsheets, or stay up to date with advanced and thematic IHL resources, key platforms and tools.

IHL & Islam-newsletter

Listen again: IHL and Islamic Law Webinar

Organized by the Canadian Red Cross, in this webinar Ahmed Al-Dawoody, Legal Adviser for Islamic law and jurisprudence, ICRC, gives an overview of the principles regulating the use of force under Islamic law and how Islamic law can help to ensure compliance with IHL in Muslim contexts.


Upcoming events/courses/conferences


Exhibition: Pages - 150 Years of the International Review of the Red Cross

This exhibition highlights the role of the International Review of the Red Cross in disseminating progress in international law related to armed conflict, and innovation in humanitarian response over the past 150 years.

Humanitarium, Geneva
30 Oct 2019 - 30 April 2020


Event: War and the Children Left Behind

Marking 30 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and 70 years of the Geneva Conventions, join the ICRC for a public event addressing the situation of children in today's armed conflicts and reflecting on what should be done to ensure better protection of children's rights.

Humanitarium, Geneva
18:00 - 20:00

Biometric strategy

Blog: Facilitating innovation, ensuring protection - the ICRC Biometrics Policy

What does the responsible use of biometrics look like from the vantage point of an institution like the ICRC? In August 2019, the ICRC adopted a biometric policy. This blog explains how legitimacy and purpose requirements for biometric use are arrived at, their implications at operational level, and suggests how future biometric policy may evolve.

Symposium Report - Digital Risks In Armed Conflicts

Publication: Symposium Report - Digital Risks In Armed Conflicts

This new report summarizes the key findings and action points coming out of the 2018 symposium on digital risks in armed conflicts and other situations of violence, held by the ICRC. Discussions focused on how the use of digital technologies, including by parties to conflict, humanitarians and private companies, could put crisis-affected people at risk and increase vulnerability.

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