ICRC Law & Policy Newsletter: The Power of Humanity - On Being Human Now and in the Future, Customary IHL database updated...
Also in this edition: Event - Voices from the field; Call for papers - The Asia-Pacific Journal on International Humanitarian Law...
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International Committee of the Red Cross

Upcoming events/courses/conferences


1979-2019: 40 years of the Physical Rehabilitation Programme - The stories behind the images

The ICRC Physical Rehabilitation Programme invites you to a film screening, followed by a discussion and a photo exhibition, reflecting the 40th anniversary of its activities.

Humanitarium, Geneva


Voices from the Field


Join Switzerland and the ICRC to mark the 70th anniversary of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. At this event humanitarian workers and victims of armed conflicts will share their stories, profiling instances of respect for international humanitarian law.

Humanitarium, Geneva
17:30 - 19:30

Intercross the podcast: Displacement in times of armed conflict <\p>

Podcast: Displacement in times of armed conflict

Millions of people are separated from their homes, livelihoods and families each year by armed conflict or other catastrophes, and frequently suffer severe abuses and hardship while in flight or at their place of refuge. This episode of Intercross the Podcast, discusses the role of IHL in influencing displacement with Cédric Cotter, lead researcher for a recent ICRC study into this topic.

Humanitarian Law and Policy Blog: Challenging patriarchy: gender equality and humanitarian principles

Challenging patriarchy: gender equality and humanitarian principles

In this blog post, Ricardo Fal-Dutra Santos advocates that humanitarian actors need to better align humanitarian principles to enable actions that can contribute towards greater gender equality. Gender-transformative actions, he argues may not be neutral, but are key to applying principles of humanity and impartiality, and as such are an essential component of principled humanitarian action.

ICRC Humanitarian Law & Policy Blog


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