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12 April 2018
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In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, Vincent Bernard, Editor-in-Chief of the International Review of the Red Cross, discusses how concerns around warfare and international humanitarian law have evolved in the past decades, as well as the role of individual and collective memory.
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In this recently published report, the ICRC summarizes discussions from a 2017 round-table on autonomous weapon systems and highlights its main conclusions. On the same topic, see ICRC Scientific and Policy Adviser Neil Davison's blog post on ethical discussions that have the most relevance to current policy responses.
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The ICRC discusses the legal basis and interpretation of the principle of non-refoulement in different bodies of international law in its 'Note on migration and the principle of non-refoulement'. For a concise overview of the note, see Legal Advisor Tilman Rodenhäuser's blog post, highlighting '5 key points' about the principle.
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The Customary IHL Database contains the 161 rules identified in the 2005 Study, their underlying practice and regular updates of the practice part. Just added: new practice from five countries.
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This discussion paper responds to the growing recognition that the nature of armed conflicts around the world is changing and that "digital disruption" is having an impact on the humanitarian sector. 
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100 years ago, the Bern Agreements were signed, leading to more humane treatment of prisoners of war and to their repatriation. What can we learn from these achievements?
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On 26 March, the ICRC launched the new Global Research and Debate Cycle on Migration and Displacement with ICRC President Peter Maurer and forced migration researcher Ahmad Al-Rashid.

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