Features: Call for papers: humanitarian law, policy and action in the Sahel; New blog series on the Human Costs of Cyber + more.
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Report: The potential human cost of cyber operations

This new report provides an account of the discussions that took place during a meeting of scientific and cyber security experts organised by the ICRC in late 2018 on the potential human cost of cyber operations. Acknowledging the increasing development of military cyber capabilities, and frequency and scale of cyber attacks, the report aims to present a nuanced picture of the risks that cyber warfare can entail for civilian populations. Read some of the key takeaways highlighted by the report authors in this blog post.

World Environment Day 2019: The Law of War and Nature

It is thought that from 1946 to 2010, conflict was the single most important predictor of declines in certain wildlife populations. Today on World Environment Day, the ICRC is acknowledging that the impact of armed conflict on the environment too often goes unnoticed, and highlighting the role of IHL in protecting nature during conflict.

Blog: Human Costs of Cyber - New Series

Cyber attacks, defence and security are increasingly high on the global agendas and discussions. Amidst this buzz around cyber operations and warfare, key questions around the applicability and application of IHL are often left unclear however. This new ICRC series presents expert views exploring some of the technical and legal questions related to the human costs of cyber operations.

Call for papers: humanitarian law, policy and action in the Sahel

The International Review of the Red Cross invites submissions for its upcoming edition on “The Sahel”. This issue will examine the formidable interrelated challenges faced in the Sahel region and the initiatives aimed at addressing them. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2020. See here for more guidelines for authors.

Podcast: Emerging Technologies in Warfare: Where do the Limits Lie?

Can artificial intelligence increase IHL compliance? Where should the limits lie in terms of human control of autonomous weapons? What does the law say about all of this? In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, Neil Davison, Scientific and Policy Advisor for the ICRC, discusses emerging technologies in warfare.

Conference: Current Issues in Armed Conflict

The third Current Issues in Armed Conflict Conference takes place in Geneva on 17 June. Organised by the Geneva Academy and the Human Rights Centre of the University of Essex, join expert panels addressing topics from the latest developments in transitional, and international criminal justice, to conduct of hostilities. Register until 13 June.

Research guide : The ICRC during World War I

The outbreak of World War I and its humanitarian needs triggered a fundamental transformation of the ICRC. The ICRC Library’s latest research guide brings together the varied resources documenting the ICRC’s humanitarian work during this period, giving researchers, students and all interested a comprehensive overview of all the documentation available.

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