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At the ICRC, we define Economic Security (EcoSec) as the ability of individuals, households, or communities to cover their vital needs sustainably and with dignity. Our EcoSec staff are responsible for analyzing the needs of communities affected by conflict or other situations of violence, designing responses, implementing programmes, and evaluating their impact. 

Working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams, our EcoSec staff tailor programming to each crisis context, delivering food, essential household items, and cash or vouchers. In addition, EcoSec teams help communities recover and build resilience through broader food security, market interventions, and sustainable livelihood programmes. 

We are constantly searching for experienced professionals to join us in delivering these critical services globally in line with our mandate. 

To learn more, we invite you to a 90-minutes career webinar on 🗓️ Thursday, 19th October 2023, at 12:30 pm CEST. During the session we will discuss:

  • The ICRC and our activities in Economic Security
  • Primary roles and careers in our Economic Security team
  • Our recruitment process and some tips!
  • Testimonials and field experiences from some of our colleagues
  • Q&A session with all our speakers